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Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Using garlic to combat antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections
Is Olive Leaf Nature’s Answer to Diabetes Treatment?
Walking can reduce breast cancer risk  
Tai Chi exercise may reduce falls in adult stroke survivors
Salt identified as autoimmune trigger
Green tea EGCG may help prevent plaque formation in Alzheimer's disease

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Quercetin phytosome reduced allergy symptoms in clinical trial
Kivia powder (kiwi fruit extract) shows gut health benefits
Lifestyle may be more important than age in determining dementia risk: Study
Research shows that drinking Matcha tea can reduce anxiety
Spirituality linked with better health outcomes, patient care
Kids Who Play Sports Are Happier, Healthier Than Those Who Go Straight To Their Screens

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Gut bacteria can cause, predict and prevent rheumatoid arthritis
Adding salt to your food at the table is linked to higher risk of premature death
Hops extract studied to prevent breast cancer
New study determines psychedelic mushroom microdoses can improve mood, mental health
Could a phytochemical derived from vegetables like broccoli be the answer to antibiotic resistant pathogens?
Researchers find Alzheimer’s begins in the brain 30 years before any symptoms

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Study finds people who practice intermittent fasting experience less severe complications from COVID-19
Low CoQ10 levels linked with neurodegeneration: Study
Gardening can cultivate better mental health
Vitamin B3 reduces the risk of skin cancer
An Avocado A Day Helps Keep Bad Cholesterol At Bay
Doing good deeds helps socially anxious people relax

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Almonds reduce the risk of heart disease, research show
Taking Vitamin D during pregnancy could lower the risk of eczema in babies
Student of Neuroscience Shows How Meditation may Vanquish Mental Disorders
Fasting could regenerate the immune system, study say
Men with 'low testosterone' have higher rates of depression
Research shows how breastfeeding offers immune benefits

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Resveratrol may turn white fat into ‘healthier’ brown-like fat
Higher serum antioxidant vitamins predict lower risk of respiratory illness and mortality
Eat dark chocolate to beat the midday slump?
Only seven percent of adults have good cardiometabolic health
Generations Were Raised To Believe Processed Fruit Juice Was Health Food When It's Actually Junk Food
Mediterranean diet plus olive oil or nuts associated with improved cognitive function

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Anticoagulant activities of curcumin and its derivative
Probiotics may prevent breast cancer: Study
'Mystical' psychedelic compound found in normal brains
Puffing curcumin may blast Alzheimer’s
Anti-anxiety medication limits empathetic behavior in rats
7 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Arteries Naturall

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Asian mushroom extract shows promise as treatment for obesity and its ills
Being mindful can improve your interactions with co-workers, new study finds
Could a cocoa extract prevent Alzheimer's?
Helicopter parents: Hovering may have effect as kids transition to adulthood
Seaweed May Hold The Key To Treating Irritable Bowels
Lower levels of coenzyme Q10 in blood associated with multiple system atrophy


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